TortoiseSVN samba linux permissions virtualbox

Fixing file perms for TortoiseSVN over Samba

Feb 28 2011

My day-to-day dev environment is an Oracle VirtualBox setup to run CentOS 5.  I have Samba installed on the Centos so that I can mount the Samba share as a drive on Windows where I use NetBeans as my IDE.  I use TortoiseSVN as my source code control system, and for reasons I have not figured out yet, there are times when Tortoise really hornswaggles the permissions on my projects .svn files.  I end up with commits that are not able to increment the revision numbers because the files end up owned by root when they should be owned by  So since I don't really care to spend much time figuring out why, here is my quick fix when this happens