About Jeff D'Ambrogia

I've been an programmer and developer for the last 15+ years working working both solo and as a team lead or member (depending on the project needs) . I have extensive experience with designing and developing database applications for our clients, including government research laboratories, Internet startups and biotech companies.

Overall, I've done quite a bit of Java/JSP/Servlet and PHP programming, worked with CSS/XML/HTML, and I've done a lot of front-end JavaScript programming. I'm also highly experienced with a couple of flavors of SQL (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL) including stored procedures/triggers (in PL/SQL, PG/SQL and TSQL), indexing, query optimization and overall SQL management. Most of my projects lately have been taking over an existing (or in-development) codebase and either adding new functionality or overhauling some part (or all) of it, depending on the projects need/requirements.