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Debugging within the CakePHP Console

Sep 22 2011

Recently I've been doing some development of classes that run under the Job Queue CakePHP plugin, a great plug in btw, and I had a need to debug some of the logic.  As a reminder I use NetBeans 6.9.x on XPsp3 to develop code that is housed on a CentOS 5.6 VirtualBox instance that I access via a Samba share. 

Fixing file perms for TortoiseSVN over Samba

Feb 28 2011

My day-to-day dev environment is an Oracle VirtualBox setup to run CentOS 5.  I have Samba installed on the Centos so that I can mount the Samba share as a drive on Windows where I use NetBeans as my IDE.  I use TortoiseSVN as my source code control system, and for reasons I have not figured out yet, there are times when Tortoise really hornswaggles the permissions on my projects .svn files.  I end up with commits that are not able to increment the revision numbers because the files end up owned by root when they should be owned by apache.group.  So since I don't really care to spend much time figuring out why, here is my quick fix when this happens

Debugging SQL commands in CakePHP

Feb 25 2011

I just don't get it - why is debugging with a real debugger such a black science in PHP?  You'd never see someone dump code to the screen in a C++ dev environment, yet based on what I've just seen while searching Google for some creative CakePHP techniques you'd never know that some PHP "developers" (no html tag that I'm aware of for 'air quotes'...) have an inkling that debuggers exist.

Video: Setup Xdebug in under 3 minutes

Jan 26 2011

Lots of folks get confused on where and how to begin with Xdebug. This video, first in a series, shows you how to setup PHP and Xdebug on a Windows XP box, what to files to configure, and what to look for to tell you if Xdebug is working.

Basic steps: