Fixing file perms for TortoiseSVN over Samba

Feb 28 2011

My day-to-day dev environment is an Oracle VirtualBox setup to run CentOS 5.  I have Samba installed on the Centos so that I can mount the Samba share as a drive on Windows where I use NetBeans as my IDE.  I use TortoiseSVN as my source code control system, and for reasons I have not figured out yet, there are times when Tortoise really hornswaggles the permissions on my projects .svn files.  I end up with commits that are not able to increment the revision numbers because the files end up owned by root when they should be owned by  So since I don't really care to spend much time figuring out why, here is my quick fix when this happens

In putty I head to the root of my project and issue these 2 commands:

chmod -R 777 .*
chown -R apache.users .*

Then in Windows Explorer I nav down the to root of my project to make it the active node, and right click to get to the Tortoise GUI.  Click the 'Clean Up' link and let Tortoise work its magic.  Once it returns a completed message I do an Update.  All is well after that.  FWIW.

permissions on new files...

i'm no expert on subversion at all, but try

$ sudo chmod -R g+rws myproject

(a trick taken from:

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