Breaking new ground in licensor and royalty accounting, iRoyalty is a specialized accounting application designed to track and report on royalty revenue streams wherever any licensee-licensor or copyright-holder relationship exists regardless of size. Currently iRoyalty supports the music industry, providing a royalty accounting solution for artists, publishers and music labels. The future holds expansion into the toy, book, clothing, software, semi-conductor, and intellectual property markets.

Why We Excel
Speed, security, and accessability are the cornerstones of the iRoyalty design. As the only royalty accounting application delivered over the internet, we've designed iRoyalty from the ground up to be a best-of-breed application. We offer a powerful royalty accounting application robust enough to easily handle clients both large and small with the most competitive pricing in the industry.

iRoyalty - Cutting New Ground
iRoyalty cuts new ground as the first and only royalty accounting application designed to be used over the internet. iRoyalty leverages the power of the internet, no longer are royalty administrators bound to expensive in-house systems and their ongoing maintenance and upgrades. A simple desktop computer running on any operating system - Windows, Macintosh, or Linux - with a broadband connection to the internet is all that is required to use iRoyalty. We handle the security, the expensive hardware, the availability, the upgrades. Since there is no software to buy the cost of getting started is virtually eliminated. Create a virual office bound together by the internet. Travel to France, as long as an internet connection is available you'll have access to iRoyalty.

Why You Should Use iRoyalty
iRoyalty - removes the traditional high cost of use, is secure, has high availability, is cost competitive, is modular, is extensible, is customizable, is fast, usually requires no new hardware, provides interrelated module communication -- and more.

Its Easy To Get Into...
All iRoyalty modules offer easy importing of your existing royalty data, from Microsoft Excel based royalty systems to high end royalty applications, iRoyalty provides an easy path to begin to reduce your costs, streamline your operation, and provide greater benefits. Have an expensive in-house system that you've got so much time and enregy keeping it alive just can't part with? Test drive iRoyalty, quickly import your data and see how easy it is to begin to reduce your costs and increase your bottom line profits. You'll never look at that expensive in-house system the same way again.

Sharing A Common Feature Set
All iRoyalty modules support a common set of features, ease of use is ensured thru common look and feel and user interface, keeping training costs down and user productivity up.


  • robust importing
  • export to excel
  • transaction rollback rollback functionality
  • single login access to multiple clients/royaltors
  • web-based
  • custom reports
  • report/data acl restrictions/permissions based on login
  • low monthly access fee
  • dynamic real-time reports in pdf
  • audit trail history
  • signoff support
  • data history/versioning
  • written using industry standard html/css stylesheet/xml technology
  • multiple client support with single login->multiple accounts
  • simple billing structure